Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Down2Earth Climaxxx - Skunk 101 - Fragrant Potpourri [8/10]

Down2Earth Climaxxx Skunk 101 Fragrant Potpourri Review

To be honest I don't really remember what it smelled like. I think it was pretty plane.

Down2Earth Climaxxx seems to be following the recent trend of not flavoring the potpourri. It does have little green dyed stems but it seems to just be food coloring.

Potency & Length of Effect:
I started out slow and a couple hits gave me a strong effect that lasted about a half hour, maybe a little longer. The downside though was that I seemed to build a high tolerance to it very quickly if you smoke too often.

 Down2Earth Climaxxx Skunk 101
Smell: ?/10 - Don't remember
Taste: 7/10 - Nothing special but not bad
Potency: 8.5/10
Effect: 7.5/10
Length of Effect: 7/10


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